10 Beauty Benefits of Ground Coffee

Most of us know coffee as a beverage that can help boost the mood to enhance a great workday. However, did you know that ground coffee is associated with beauty benefits as well? If not, then you should then you should know that there are several beauty benefits of ground coffee, and listed below are some of them. Have a look and get an idea of what coffee can do to enhance your beauty.

  1. Eliminate eye puffiness

You do not have to purchase a de-puffing cream when coffee grounds are available. These help to increase blood circulation while helping to shrink blood vessels so that you can eliminate the puffiness. This is due to the anti-oxidant properties of coffee and its ability to increase blood circulation. Also, coffee can dehydrate and constrict blood vessels to unpack under-eye bags. You can use the leftover coffee grounds to make ice cubes too, which you can use to reduce dark circles too.

  1. Boost hair color

You might have heard that women with light-colored or blonde hair use chamomile tea to brighten hair color. What about people with dark hair or the brunettes? This is where coffee grounds come in. Here, you are required to boil the coffee beans to form a paste that can be applied to damp or freshly-shampooed hair. This will add some color to the hair where you are required to use cold water as a final rinse. However, always test a part of the hair to ensure that it will turn to the color you want.

  1. Facial scrub/ exfoliator

Whether you want to remove dead cells from the skin or scalp, you can be sure that coffee will do the magic. It is coarse in nature to enable the granules the remove dead skin cells. Besides that, it stimulates the lymph drainage while it aids in blood flow increase to help generate a smooth skin. Ground coffee can remove toxins and deep clean pores, especially when used with olive oil. This makes it a great plus when you want to rejuvenate the skin to achieve glowing skin.

  1. Bright and smooth skin

Besides enhancing a soft and smooth skin by removing dead cells, coffee can help in tissue repair. The reason is that it plays a crucial role in enhancing cell regrowth which results in the ability of the skin to stay hydrated and elastic.

  1. Reduce acne

Another beauty benefit of ground coffee is that it can help to reduce acne. This only works when you apply the coffee grounds on the face. However, note that you should not drink the coffee since it can trigger hormone levels and increase acne. The reason the application of ground coffee helps to reduce acne is due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. As a result, it can help to stop the growth of bacteria that cause acne.

  1. Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Note that, the lesser the protruding fat tissue you bear, the lower the chances of cellulite appearance, and here is where coffee comes in. When applied to the skin, the caffeine in the coffee results in Lipolytic effect in the fat cells. As a result, it leads to breaking down of fat which helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite. Besides that, the caffeine in the coffee grounds aids in skin dehydration and faster blood flow when applied in a circular motion. This aids in the reduction of cellulite by promoting a firmer skin.

  1. Stimulate hair growth

Another benefit of ground coffee is its ability to stimulate hair growth. The reason is its ability to inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone that causes thinning of hair and malnutrition. As a result, you can use it when you want to reduce hair fall and increase growth while making the hair smooth and manageable.

  1. Skin tightening

When you do not want to appear old fast, maybe you should use ground coffee. It is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acid. These work to fight free radicals while slowing down the process of aging caused by DNA damage. Besides that, coffee helps to protect against UV radiation so that you do not age fast due to massive sun exposure.

  1. Reducing the risk of skin cancer

In as much as this may seem unrealistic, it is worth noting that coffee can help to reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases such as skin cancer. The reason is its ability to absorb damaging UV rays directly. Besides that, coffee acts to protect the skin against UV carcinogens. The reason is that it serves to inhibit the DNA damage response so that it can protect the skin against the various effects of UVB. You can mix the ground coffee with sunscreen so that you can benefit from enhanced protection.

  1. Reduce inflammation

Coffee is of great benefit when used by those suffering from breakouts. The reason is its anti-inflammatory properties and the anti-oxidants in it that help to reduce inflammation.


As you have read, it is no doubt that coffee is associated with a lot of beauty benefits. However, you should remain cautious of too much coffee since it is also associated with several adverse effects when used in excess. I recommend that you consult with your dermatologist when you want to apply it on the skin or doctor when you want to consume it, especially when you are on a high blood pressure.