5 Things You Can Do With Ground Coffee

Coffee is one of the essential substance we take after waking up in the morning. However, the coffee ground is much more useful than we think. One may be surprised to learn that once you enjoy a cup of coffee from the bean to the automatic machine, the used coffee grounds that fall into the internal tray can be conducive. Here are some tips on how to put these coffee grounds to good use. You will save money as well as provide natural alternatives by employing these techniques. You will surely never dispose of your ground coffee again after realizing how many things you can do with the ground coffee. The following are some of the best recycle tricks and techniques you can do with them.

Fertilizing a Garden

For homeowners who grow hydrangeas, azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, roses, or any other acid-associated plants, then ground coffee is the fertilizer for your plants. It is essential to mix the ground coffee with brown leaves, dead grass clippings, or dry straw to neutralize the acidity in coffee grounds. Then, spread the mixture around the plants. The coffee grounds are essential because they add potassium and nitrogen to the soil. They also work significantly in improving the level of magnesium. Magnesium is crucial to all plants as it allows them to stay healthy. However, this type of fertilizer is deficient in calcium and phosphorous thus not suitable to encourage blooming and fruiting. One may need to add wood ash or lime to the mixture to produce a thorough fertilizer using the coffee grounds.

Use it as a Pest Repellent

The coffee grounds can be sprinkled around the plants to protect them against vicious garden pests such as snails, ants, and slugs. It is proven that coffee grounds combined with dry orange peels keep away the small mammals such as cats. Sometimes mixing coffee grounds with orange peels do not always work. In such scenarios, try mixing the coffee grounds with rosemary oil. Also, the coffee grounds keeps useful worms alive. Adding small quantities of coffee grounds to your garden will keep the worms alive and waggling all day. The worms enjoy the coffee as we do and the nutrients contained in the grounds enables them to live longer.

It can be Useful in Absorbing Food Odors

Just like baking soda is used in absorbing food odors in a freezer or refrigerator, the coffee grounds can too be helpful in absorbing the food odor. One is only needed to place a small open container with the coffee grounds in it at the back of the freezer or fridge. Leave the container there for a few weeks as you gather more coffee grounds. As a plus, after you remove the coffee grounds from the freezer, you can still use them as a fertilizer as discussed above. Do away with food odors in your home by using coffee grounds! A hassle-free and inexpensive technique it is!

Used as Treatment for Our Hair

Continuous use of several hair styling products and constant switching to a natural conditioner and shampoo makes a person’s hair to weigh down via residue. This problem can always be fixed by applying coffee ground on your hair. It will remove the build-up thereby giving your hair a new natural look. Before using shampoo, it is advisable to take a handful of coffee grounds and massage it into your hair. The coarse texture is crucial to breaking the product residue apart. The products are also gentle in that they do not damage someone’s locks.

It can be used as a Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite has numerous causes such as poor diet, extended or recurrent periods of smoking, sitting, or genetic predisposition. For all these causes several cures may or may not work. Well, here is a remedy that actually works, coffee grounds. There are numerous recipes on the internet alone on how to use coffee grounds as a treatment. However, a simple combination of warm water and coffee grounds will perform the trick as well. One can use this scrub for at least ten minutes two times per week on the surfaces affected by cellulite. The results of the treatment will be realized after the fourth week if you continuously apply the coffee grounds in the affected areas.

Cleaning Out the Fireplace

The coffee grounds will not do all the cleaning work for you. Nonetheless, they will ensure the process of cleaning out the fireplace is much simpler and faster. One can sprinkle the coffee grounds gently over the ashes to press them down. This technique works significantly in preventing giant clouds of smoke that are produced when undertaking this tiresome task. Shoveling the ashes will be faster and more comfortable than before. One will also not be needed to wipe down each surface in the room once you are done with cleaning the ground.

It is evident from above that used coffee grounds are beneficial to every one of us. Even if a person is not a coffee-lover, one can get the coffee grounds from the local shops. Several shops are always ready to give their used coffee grounds to customers who want to utilize them in their gardens and home.