How Coffee makes You Live Longer

A cup of coffee is an effective jump starter in your day and boosts your energy, ready for a long day of work. While some view coffee as dangerous, others stand by the positive effects of taking coffee. There are many health reasons why people take coffee. However, one major advantage stands out. Coffee can make you live longer.

According to research, people who take up to 8 cups of coffee daily have 10-15% less risk of dying as compared to non-coffee takers. Whether it is decaffeinated, ground or instant, all types of coffee are proven to have this incredible effect.  You can get Espresso Machines from UAE Ekuep for the best tasting coffee.

Many health institutions, labs, researchers and even universities have done research and experimented on this hypothesis, proving that there is a significantly lower risk of dying when you are a coffee drinker.

How it works

You may wonder how coffee may increase your lifespan. The fact is, caffeine is not really necessary for coffee to produce effects. The main idea is taking as many as 8 to 10 cups a day. There are numerous positive effects of coffee on the human body such as;

  • Reduces risk of diabetes; taking about 6 cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes. Increasing one cup reduces the risk by 11%. Long-term consumption is said to accustom the body to produce more insulin, hence a protective effect. However, coffee is considered dangerous for those who already have Diabetes. This is because the increase in blood sugar and insulin, caused by caffeine, worsens Diabetes.


  • Lowers risk of Heart Disease; according to American Heart Association, coffee is believed to reduce the lower the risk of heart failure by 8%, coronary heart disease (CHD) by 5% and stroke by 7%. The antioxidant content in coffee influences the calcium content that clogs arteries, leading to CHDs. Studies show that groups of people who took more than 8 cups of coffee a day had less calcium build up in their blood vessels unlike those who did not take coffee. Reducing risk of heart diseases surely increases one’s chances of living.


  • Decreases risk of Colorectal cancer; this is the third most common type of cancer in the United States. Studies carried out by the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center show that taking up to 2 servings led to a 25% reduction in colorectal cancer risk. The scientists believe the antioxidants; polyphenol and caffeine, impede the growth of cancer cells, Diterpenes boost body defense, and Melanoidins enhance the mobility of the colon.


  • Protection of DNA from damage; coffee is proved to defend the body against what is known as oxidative damage in white blood cells, which harms DNA by inducing breaks. Coffee contains several bioactive compounds that enhance its antioxidant properties. The effect is reduced breakage of DNA, enhancing its integrity. This lowers the risk of mutations and sometimes, cancer. This increases the longevity of an individual’s life.


  • Lowers risk of depression; The phytochemicals, caffeine, and antioxidants in coffee are responsible for the effects of coffee in reducing depression and anxiety levels. Caffeine, for one, is commonly a brain stimulant and calms one’s nerves. Research actually proves that coffee reduces suicide cases. It has a significant effect on the value of human life.

There are many other reasons why coffee is your healthy breakthrough such as less risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, periodontal diseases, melanoma, and gout. It is proved to increase libido, increase intake of fiber in the body, improve social abilities and even act as a pain reliever.

Though coffee is generally good for most people, some groups need to stay away from it, starting with pregnant women. Apparently, coffee increases heart rate, blood pressure and dehydration levels due to frequent urination, all of which is bad for a pregnant woman. Also, the structures of the baby are not mature enough to break down coffee. The second group is Type 2 Diabetics, where an increase in blood sugar and insulin could cause serious problems. There are heart conditions, sensitivity and doctors’ recommendations that rule out the intake of coffee.

For decades, coffee has evolved from being dismissed as unhealthy to being embraced as prevention from many diseases and conditions in the human body. There is no doubt now that coffee does more harm than good and the more you take, the more you live to take.

How to Make a Coffee Scrub

The coffee scrub can be used for a wide range of uses including energizing the body, improving the mood. This scrub is also capable of improving your skin texture and blood circulation. This product is also known to have a temporary cellulite reduction. But the common one is the coffee scrub that is used in scrubbing away dead cells to reveal the new and the healthy skin underneath. The scrub works best since both mechanical and chemical exfoliates that are responsible for the skin cells with acid and enzymatic properties. These exfoliate contained in the coffee scrub are capable of improving blood circulation thus leaving your skin smooth and growing. A coffee scrub is also capable of disposing of an essential element on your face called caffeine on your face. This element is vital since it can temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and can also give your skin a firmer appearance.

Different ways are used in making the coffee scrub. In this article, we have recommended for you the right recipes that you can use in making your scrub. This recipe can be used in making the face mask, the exfoliating face scrub, shiny hair treatment or cellulite eliminating body scrub. You can also use this recipe to prepare a full body scrub, hair mask or the hand and feet scrub.

Therefore, if we focus our attention on the preparation of the full body coffee scrub, we are going to stick to specific ingredients. In this case, we will hold to four natural elements. With these ingredients, there is no doubt that your skin will look healthier after the immediate use. The main reason your skin looks healthier is due to the presence of ingredients called caffeine. Caffeine is typically vital in getting rid of the unwanted oil from your skin. Eventually, your skin will look flawless and brighter. On the other hand, the rough nature of coffee scrub is responsible for the removal of the dead cells from your skin. Once these cells are eliminated, they will expose the inner surface which is smooth and impeccable.


When preparing the coffee scrubs, the following ingredients will be used. Firstly, make sure you have half a cup of the ground coffee and an equal amount of the coconut palm sugar. Also, make sure that you have in place a quarter cup of coconut oil and one teaspoonful of cinnamon.


Once all these ingredients are in place, it is now time to start preparing your scrub. Too begin with, put all these ingredients in a sizable bowl. Then, mix them until they are thoroughly combined. In case you discover that your coconut oil is stable go a step ahead and warm it until it melts. Once it melts, allow it some time to cool to room temperature before adding it to other ingredients in the bowl. It is advisable to use the oil when it cools to the room temperature to prevent the exfoliates from dissolving in the oil. After you have thoroughly mixed your ingredients transfer them to an airtight container.

Other preparations

Alternatively, you can use a different recipe to prepare the face mask. This scrub is vital in ensuring that your face remains moist and smooth. The face mask will also rejuvenate you’re as well as keep your skin glowing all day long. This coffee scrub works best since it is loaded with antioxidants that help in eliminating all toxins from the surface. Some of the ingredients used in this case comprise of freshly ground coffee, cocoa powder, and honey. This recipe also includes either whole milk, heavy cream or yogurt. The preparation process is just dull. What you only need to do is to mi all the ingredients together and subsequently applying a light coat to the face. Once you have used this coat leave it to sit for fifteen minutes before removing it with a warm washcloth.

Final thought

The coffee scrub is prepared in different ways depending on where you want to apply it. But, all the scrubs typically serve a similar purpose that entails removing dead cells from your skin thus leaving it smooth. This substance can also temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and can also give your skin a firmer appearance. It is therefore advisable for ladies to use this substance since it has many health benefits and can be prepared at a relatively cheaper cost.

7 Natural Skin Benefits of Coffee

Today, many lives are typically fuelled by coffee. This is because coffee has the potential of doing wondrous things in our lives. This is the reason many of us can’t live without that hot cup of coffee every morning. The sweet aroma of coffee is always considered a great way of starting a long day ahead. But, it is quite surprising that many people don’t know that coffee can help to beautify their air and skin. In this regard, it can be used whether in liquid, bean, ground or extract form. Coffee works best in this case since it is loaded with powerful antioxidants that can help to improve a lady’s skin and hair. This beverage also works best in developing your energy level and mood.

Rich Source of Antioxidants hat Fights Diseases

Coffee is recommended since our bodies are continually battling against reactive molecules that may cause harm to various body organs. For instance, these reactive molecules are capable of destroying and changing our body’s DNA and protein structure. That is why we are encouraged to take coffee since it has antioxidants that are capable of fighting these reactive molecules. These antioxidants have the potential of the ability to donate electrons that can be used to fill the free radicals thus making them less harmful. According to many researchers, this process has proved to be useful when it comes to fighting many health-related complications. Below are the seven natural skin benefits of coffee.

Improves Blood Circulation

Once the coffee is taken into the body, it will increase your blood circulation. This process works best especially when this drink it taken hot. When the blood circulation improves, the body feels energized thus making the skin healthier. By so doing, it reduces the standard swelling tissues as well as the de-puffing areas seen on the surface. This beverage can further be applied in other beauty recipes for an enhanced skin and hair.

Protection Against Harsh Sun Rays

Naturally, harsh sun rays are known to have adverse effects on the skin. The UVB rays are known to be the leading causes of skin cancer as well as other life-threatening skin related complications. Therefore, taking your best flavor of coffee is a milestone towards reducing these skin complications. Coffee works best since it contains caffeine a substance that inhibits the DNA damage response thus decreasing the chances of UVB rays to damage the skin.

It Brightens the Skin

Coffee has many qualities that signal tissue repair. In this case, it plays a vital role in ensuring that the blood flow on your skin is enhanced. What typically happens is that this beverage has stimulating properties that are capable of improving blood flow. As a result, your skin will appear radiant, bright, and alive.

Scrubbing and Smoothening

Coffee can also be used in making natural home-made scrubs. Most of these scrubs are inexpensive and are known to have abundant benefits to the skin color. This scrub can be applied on the face or can be used in soothing tired and dry feet. Ladies are advised to apply it since it is not harsh on the skin. The best scrub cab is formed by mixing ground coffee, brown sugar and olive oil. When applied to the foot it can be used to remove dead and dry skin cells thus making the skin smooth.

It Minimizes Cellulite

Coffee is capable of reducing cellulite on the skin since it is a diuretic, creams, and serums. These substances work best in this case since they are capable of drawing fluid away from fat cells thus dehydrating the fat cells. Once the fats cells dehydrate they shrink in size thus leading to a tightening effect from the outer parts of the skin.

Helps in Preventing Clogged Pores

Regular uptake of this beverage will help in preventing your skin pores from getting blocked. These pores can also be unblocked by applying a facial coffee scrub on your face every morning. Eventually, this scrub will help to brighten your skin thus giving it a more glowing look while preventing the pores from getting clogged. Simultaneously, researchers in this field allege that the acidity contained in coffee is essential in boosting the skin’s protective barrier. As a result, the surface will remain to be healthier. A simple facial scrub can be made by sinking a small number of organic coffee grounds in warm and clean water in an open container.

10 Beauty Benefits of Ground Coffee

Most of us know coffee as a beverage that can help boost the mood to enhance a great workday. However, did you know that ground coffee is associated with beauty benefits as well? If not, then you should then you should know that there are several beauty benefits of ground coffee, and listed below are some of them. Have a look and get an idea of what coffee can do to enhance your beauty.

  1. Eliminate eye puffiness

You do not have to purchase a de-puffing cream when coffee grounds are available. These help to increase blood circulation while helping to shrink blood vessels so that you can eliminate the puffiness. This is due to the anti-oxidant properties of coffee and its ability to increase blood circulation. Also, coffee can dehydrate and constrict blood vessels to unpack under-eye bags. You can use the leftover coffee grounds to make ice cubes too, which you can use to reduce dark circles too.

  1. Boost hair color

You might have heard that women with light-colored or blonde hair use chamomile tea to brighten hair color. What about people with dark hair or the brunettes? This is where coffee grounds come in. Here, you are required to boil the coffee beans to form a paste that can be applied to damp or freshly-shampooed hair. This will add some color to the hair where you are required to use cold water as a final rinse. However, always test a part of the hair to ensure that it will turn to the color you want.

  1. Facial scrub/ exfoliator

Whether you want to remove dead cells from the skin or scalp, you can be sure that coffee will do the magic. It is coarse in nature to enable the granules the remove dead skin cells. Besides that, it stimulates the lymph drainage while it aids in blood flow increase to help generate a smooth skin. Ground coffee can remove toxins and deep clean pores, especially when used with olive oil. This makes it a great plus when you want to rejuvenate the skin to achieve glowing skin.

  1. Bright and smooth skin

Besides enhancing a soft and smooth skin by removing dead cells, coffee can help in tissue repair. The reason is that it plays a crucial role in enhancing cell regrowth which results in the ability of the skin to stay hydrated and elastic.

  1. Reduce acne

Another beauty benefit of ground coffee is that it can help to reduce acne. This only works when you apply the coffee grounds on the face. However, note that you should not drink the coffee since it can trigger hormone levels and increase acne. The reason the application of ground coffee helps to reduce acne is due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. As a result, it can help to stop the growth of bacteria that cause acne.

  1. Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Note that, the lesser the protruding fat tissue you bear, the lower the chances of cellulite appearance, and here is where coffee comes in. When applied to the skin, the caffeine in the coffee results in Lipolytic effect in the fat cells. As a result, it leads to breaking down of fat which helps to diminish the appearance of cellulite. Besides that, the caffeine in the coffee grounds aids in skin dehydration and faster blood flow when applied in a circular motion. This aids in the reduction of cellulite by promoting a firmer skin.

  1. Stimulate hair growth

Another benefit of ground coffee is its ability to stimulate hair growth. The reason is its ability to inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone that causes thinning of hair and malnutrition. As a result, you can use it when you want to reduce hair fall and increase growth while making the hair smooth and manageable.

  1. Skin tightening

When you do not want to appear old fast, maybe you should use ground coffee. It is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acid. These work to fight free radicals while slowing down the process of aging caused by DNA damage. Besides that, coffee helps to protect against UV radiation so that you do not age fast due to massive sun exposure.

  1. Reducing the risk of skin cancer

In as much as this may seem unrealistic, it is worth noting that coffee can help to reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases such as skin cancer. The reason is its ability to absorb damaging UV rays directly. Besides that, coffee acts to protect the skin against UV carcinogens. The reason is that it serves to inhibit the DNA damage response so that it can protect the skin against the various effects of UVB. You can mix the ground coffee with sunscreen so that you can benefit from enhanced protection.

  1. Reduce inflammation

Coffee is of great benefit when used by those suffering from breakouts. The reason is its anti-inflammatory properties and the anti-oxidants in it that help to reduce inflammation.


As you have read, it is no doubt that coffee is associated with a lot of beauty benefits. However, you should remain cautious of too much coffee since it is also associated with several adverse effects when used in excess. I recommend that you consult with your dermatologist when you want to apply it on the skin or doctor when you want to consume it, especially when you are on a high blood pressure.

5 Ways To Brew Better Coffee at Home

Most people think that making coffee at home is a difficult task. But, they are all wrong since this is one of the most straightforward works that they should attempt. One this they should know is that brewing coffee is a straightforward task. The only thing one is required to do is to pour the right amount of water at the proper temperature. This water should flow through the adequately proportioned and ground coffee with the aim of extracting the best flavor out of it. Certain things will happen when you decide to brew your coffee at home. Firstly, you will be able to save some cash. You will also be able to expand your options beyond the typical blends as well as the handful of single-origin coffees available at many chain shops. If you do this occasionally, you will discover that your home is more consistent the best place to brew coffee. By so doing you will be able to improve your morning cup by making it easier than you think. This article thus highlights five ways to brew coffee at your home. These ways are simple since they do not require you to undergo professional barista training. These tricks are also recommended since they are pretty simple and easy to follow. Here are the five simple ways that are commonly used to brew better coffee at home.

Select the Best Coffee Beans

This is the initial step towards making your best drink at home. In this regard, caution should be taken when choosing the type of coffee beans that you will use to prepare your favorite beverage. It is advisable to refrain from using the whole coffee beans and the ground coffee that we typically found in supermarkets. This is because most of them are not ideal for making your perfect flavor since their freshness has been compromised to a greater extent. Therefore, try as much as possible to purchase all your beans from the trusted local dealer. This is the best person who can guarantee you quality beans for a perfect cup of coffee.

Use Better Water

Using the right type of water in brewing your coffee is a good step towards achieving excellent flavors. This is because water makes the most significant percentage of the beverage. For instance, if you use salt water, you will end up compromising the quality of your drink. Therefore, the use of better water will help to ensure that there is a substantial lifting during the brewing process. It is also advisable to test the water to see if it contains that required amount of nutrients that are responsible for bringing out the best flavors.

Avoid Buying Ready Coffee Beans

There those people who tend buying prepared things. This is all wrong since ready seeds are not fresh hence cannot be used to achieve the desired flavor. Make sure that you grind your coffee beans at home. The grinding process should be done few minutes before the start of the brewing process .this will help in preserving the freshness of your coffee to achieve your best flavor. You should also use the right grinder to make the best quality.

Use Optimal Temperature

Optimal temperature is vital during brewing since it will help to extract the right flavors from the ground coffee. Ideal temperature should be maintained all through to avoid burning essential oils that are responsible for best flavors. This can be done by carefully monitoring the heat from time to time to make sure that it does not deviate from the required units.

Use a Proper Weighing Machine

The missing ratio is essential when preparing your best cup of coffee. This is to avoid incidences where you mix too much coffee or water by mistake. Therefore, this can be done by using the right type of weight. The weighing machine is also vital since it will help you to follow a particular standard during the brewing process. For instance, it is advisable to weigh your water in grams to increase your levels of accuracy. Some of the recommended ration for a quality coffee comprise of 1:15 for strong coffee and 1:30 for the right coffee. These ratios can be adjusted depending on the quality of the beverage required.

5 Tips To Make Perfect Pour Over Coffee

Are you searching for the best 5 tips to make perfect pour over coffee? Studies have shown that drinking coffee provides you with several health benefits. For instance, it raises our body’s metabolism levels, which helps us to burn excess fat at a faster rate. That’s by stimulating the nervous systems, resulting in it sending signals to the fat cells to break down fat. During exercises, drinking coffee enhances your endurance and performance, which means you need to drink more coffee.

Additional reasons to drink coffee include the fact that it ’s among the best sources of essential nutrients and antioxidants, which delay or prevent cell damage. They also fight free radicals that contribute to early aging. However, for you to get these benefits, you need to know how to make the perfect pour over coffee. Pour overs make the best coffee since you have the ability to control and monitor the entire brewing process. The result is you get a full flavor from your coffee in addition to being able to personalize your cup. This post gives you the best tips to make perfect pour over coffee.

  1. Use Fresh and Coarse Ground Coffee

One thing you should realize is that the difference between pre-ground and fresh grinds coffee can make you enjoy or not your coffee, for example, when it comes to the taste. Remember that if you expose coffee to oxygen and light, it goes stale fast.

For the best outcome, choose coffee beans of the highest quality and then grind them into coarseness (medium) before you brew. This process will ensure you get the best pour over coffee.

  1. Make Sure Try Experimenting With the Coffee to Water Ratio

One important factor when making pour overs is the ratio between your coffee and the water. The reason is it’s another determining factor whether you’ll make good coffee or not. The best suggestion is to start with 2-3 tablespoons for every 12 oz cup. Another option is to opt for 23 coffee grams for 12 oz and 30 coffee grams for a 16 oz cup, which can also bring the best results.

The primary reason for trying out different ratios is to find out which suits your tastes. For controlling the flavor, you can use the pour over kettle’s pour speed.

  1. Ensure You Control the Temperature and Water Quality

You may be asking, what’s the perfect temperature for pour over coffee? Your coffee brew quality is greatly determined by the water you use. The best tasting coffee is made by using unboiled, filtered water and then heating it to 195-200 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the case that you don’t have a kettle that allows you to set the temperature, all you have to do is wait for a minute after the water has come to boil. Keep in mind that boiling water can result in the scorching of the coffee beans, which leads to over extracting bitterness that masks the flavor notes found in the coffee bean.

  1. Use a Pour over Kettle

When looking to the make the best brew, you should ensure you use a pour over kettle, which is also known as goose neck kettle. That’s because they are specialized kettles that come with a unique spout with a controlled flow rate. The result is you have the ability to direct the water as you pour it out. This step is crucial if you want to get absolute ground coverage.

  1. Optimize Your Brew Time

If you want to get dark roast coffee, your total brewing time should be 2-3 minutes. On the other hand, if you want medium roast coffee, you should target a brewing time of 3-4 minutes which includes the drip duration after you pour the water. 


The above informative post on 5 tips to make perfect pour over coffee should make it easier for you to prepare your favorite drink. For the best health results, make sure you drink your coffee in moderation and read online reviews of the best pour over kettles. That will ensure you purchase a device that serves you well and lasts longer.

Among the best moments to drink coffee if you love, exercising is just before you start your workouts. That’s because it enables you to improve your endurance levels and athletic performance, which in turn helps you to lose weight and enhance your lean muscles.

7 Tips To Reuse Your Used Coffee Grounds

Do you want to know how to reuse your used coffee grounds? Among the benefits of drinking coffee is it makes you feel refreshed in addition to waking you up in the morning. However, most coffee drinkers don’t know that they can reuse used coffee grounds. Keep in mind that you can utilize them in several ways, which means that after enjoying your hot cup, you should consider using your grounds. In this informative post, we’ll look at 7 ways on how to use them.

  1. Beautiful Golden Dye

You may have spilt coffee on your white shirt as you drink it. The result is a “beautiful” golden color, which can be hard to remove. What you should realize is you can turn this annoying stain to your advantage. For example, re-wet old coffee grounds and then use them to dye feathers, Easter eggs or cloths. Used coffee grounds can also get soaked in some water and turn white paper into some ‘antique’ parchment. That means you should no longer throw away used coffee grounds.

  1. Absorbing Food Odors

In the same way, you use baking soda to absorb food odors, you can use used coffee grounds in your freezer or refrigerator. The best way to go about is to load a small open container with the old coffee grounds. You should then place them at the end of your fridge and forget them for some weeks as you collect more. In the case that you have some smelly old grounds in the freezer or refrigerator, you should remove them and throw them into a compost pile or utilize them as fertilizer.

  1. Natural Abrasive

You can reuse used coffee grounds as a natural abrasive. For example, load them onto a cleaning fabric and then use them to clean and remove stuck-on food from dishes or counters. The reason is used grounds aren’t harsh, but they abrasive. However, you should take precaution to avoid scrubbing grounds into large cracks where they can leave stains.

  1. Use Them in Growing Carrots

Do you love planting carrots? In that case, you should consider using used coffee grounds during planting time. For instance, before you sow your carrot seeds, you should mix them with old and dried coffee grounds to ensure you give them some energy boost from the word go. The result is your carrots will grow fast while the coffee grounds will prevent pests from eating your carrots.

  1. Compost It for Later

You should keep in mind that one doesn’t have to use the coffee grounds right away as fertilizer. That’s because you can choose to throw them in a compost heap. Coffee grounds can make rich green matter since they are rich in nitrogen. With the addition of old coffee grounds, beneficial warms will be attracted to the compost, which means you will have the perfect fertilizer. However, you should check the coffee grounds you throw into your pile since you want to ensure the ratio of green and brown is ideal.

  1. Pest Repellent

If you want to protect your plants from destructive garden pests, you should sprinkle used coffee grounds on them. The result is slugs, snails and ants will be kept away. Some people love mixing old grounds with dried orange peels to keep away mammals such as cats. However, for Felix, it can be tough, which means you should try rosemary oil.

  1. Fertilize Your Garden

You may love growing acid-loving plants such as camellias, roses, hydrangeas, rhododendrons and azaleas. That means you should use coffee grounds as your perfect fertilizer. The best way to go about it is to mix old coffee grounds with brown leaves, grass clippings or dry straw to reduce some of the acidity.

You should then spread them around your plants. You will benefit a lot since used coffee grounds will add potassium and nitrogen to the soil around your plants. They will also boost the magnesium in the soil, which means your plants will stay healthy.

However, you should realize that the resulting fertilizer will lack calcium and phosphorus, which means it’s not ideal if you want to see fruiting or blooms. For the best outcome, add some wood ash or lime to the mix for the best fertilizer.


The above informative post should make it easier for you to use old coffee grounds. Remember that a cup of coffee refreshes you in the morning and boosts you during workouts. That means you should make sure you read online reviews to find out the best coffee grounds, which will ensure you enjoy the best flavors.

5 Things You Can Do With Ground Coffee

Coffee is one of the essential substance we take after waking up in the morning. However, the coffee ground is much more useful than we think. One may be surprised to learn that once you enjoy a cup of coffee from the bean to the automatic machine, the used coffee grounds that fall into the internal tray can be conducive. Here are some tips on how to put these coffee grounds to good use. You will save money as well as provide natural alternatives by employing these techniques. You will surely never dispose of your ground coffee again after realizing how many things you can do with the ground coffee. The following are some of the best recycle tricks and techniques you can do with them.

Fertilizing a Garden

For homeowners who grow hydrangeas, azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, roses, or any other acid-associated plants, then ground coffee is the fertilizer for your plants. It is essential to mix the ground coffee with brown leaves, dead grass clippings, or dry straw to neutralize the acidity in coffee grounds. Then, spread the mixture around the plants. The coffee grounds are essential because they add potassium and nitrogen to the soil. They also work significantly in improving the level of magnesium. Magnesium is crucial to all plants as it allows them to stay healthy. However, this type of fertilizer is deficient in calcium and phosphorous thus not suitable to encourage blooming and fruiting. One may need to add wood ash or lime to the mixture to produce a thorough fertilizer using the coffee grounds.

Use it as a Pest Repellent

The coffee grounds can be sprinkled around the plants to protect them against vicious garden pests such as snails, ants, and slugs. It is proven that coffee grounds combined with dry orange peels keep away the small mammals such as cats. Sometimes mixing coffee grounds with orange peels do not always work. In such scenarios, try mixing the coffee grounds with rosemary oil. Also, the coffee grounds keeps useful worms alive. Adding small quantities of coffee grounds to your garden will keep the worms alive and waggling all day. The worms enjoy the coffee as we do and the nutrients contained in the grounds enables them to live longer.

It can be Useful in Absorbing Food Odors

Just like baking soda is used in absorbing food odors in a freezer or refrigerator, the coffee grounds can too be helpful in absorbing the food odor. One is only needed to place a small open container with the coffee grounds in it at the back of the freezer or fridge. Leave the container there for a few weeks as you gather more coffee grounds. As a plus, after you remove the coffee grounds from the freezer, you can still use them as a fertilizer as discussed above. Do away with food odors in your home by using coffee grounds! A hassle-free and inexpensive technique it is!

Used as Treatment for Our Hair

Continuous use of several hair styling products and constant switching to a natural conditioner and shampoo makes a person’s hair to weigh down via residue. This problem can always be fixed by applying coffee ground on your hair. It will remove the build-up thereby giving your hair a new natural look. Before using shampoo, it is advisable to take a handful of coffee grounds and massage it into your hair. The coarse texture is crucial to breaking the product residue apart. The products are also gentle in that they do not damage someone’s locks.

It can be used as a Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite has numerous causes such as poor diet, extended or recurrent periods of smoking, sitting, or genetic predisposition. For all these causes several cures may or may not work. Well, here is a remedy that actually works, coffee grounds. There are numerous recipes on the internet alone on how to use coffee grounds as a treatment. However, a simple combination of warm water and coffee grounds will perform the trick as well. One can use this scrub for at least ten minutes two times per week on the surfaces affected by cellulite. The results of the treatment will be realized after the fourth week if you continuously apply the coffee grounds in the affected areas.

Cleaning Out the Fireplace

The coffee grounds will not do all the cleaning work for you. Nonetheless, they will ensure the process of cleaning out the fireplace is much simpler and faster. One can sprinkle the coffee grounds gently over the ashes to press them down. This technique works significantly in preventing giant clouds of smoke that are produced when undertaking this tiresome task. Shoveling the ashes will be faster and more comfortable than before. One will also not be needed to wipe down each surface in the room once you are done with cleaning the ground.

It is evident from above that used coffee grounds are beneficial to every one of us. Even if a person is not a coffee-lover, one can get the coffee grounds from the local shops. Several shops are always ready to give their used coffee grounds to customers who want to utilize them in their gardens and home.