7 Tips To Reuse Your Used Coffee Grounds

Do you want to know how to reuse your used coffee grounds? Among the benefits of drinking coffee is it makes you feel refreshed in addition to waking you up in the morning. However, most coffee drinkers don’t know that they can reuse used coffee grounds. Keep in mind that you can utilize them in several ways, which means that after enjoying your hot cup, you should consider using your grounds. In this informative post, we’ll look at 7 ways on how to use them.

  1. Beautiful Golden Dye

You may have spilt coffee on your white shirt as you drink it. The result is a “beautiful” golden color, which can be hard to remove. What you should realize is you can turn this annoying stain to your advantage. For example, re-wet old coffee grounds and then use them to dye feathers, Easter eggs or cloths. Used coffee grounds can also get soaked in some water and turn white paper into some ‘antique’ parchment. That means you should no longer throw away used coffee grounds.

  1. Absorbing Food Odors

In the same way, you use baking soda to absorb food odors, you can use used coffee grounds in your freezer or refrigerator. The best way to go about is to load a small open container with the old coffee grounds. You should then place them at the end of your fridge and forget them for some weeks as you collect more. In the case that you have some smelly old grounds in the freezer or refrigerator, you should remove them and throw them into a compost pile or utilize them as fertilizer.

  1. Natural Abrasive

You can reuse used coffee grounds as a natural abrasive. For example, load them onto a cleaning fabric and then use them to clean and remove stuck-on food from dishes or counters. The reason is used grounds aren’t harsh, but they abrasive. However, you should take precaution to avoid scrubbing grounds into large cracks where they can leave stains.

  1. Use Them in Growing Carrots

Do you love planting carrots? In that case, you should consider using used coffee grounds during planting time. For instance, before you sow your carrot seeds, you should mix them with old and dried coffee grounds to ensure you give them some energy boost from the word go. The result is your carrots will grow fast while the coffee grounds will prevent pests from eating your carrots.

  1. Compost It for Later

You should keep in mind that one doesn’t have to use the coffee grounds right away as fertilizer. That’s because you can choose to throw them in a compost heap. Coffee grounds can make rich green matter since they are rich in nitrogen. With the addition of old coffee grounds, beneficial warms will be attracted to the compost, which means you will have the perfect fertilizer. However, you should check the coffee grounds you throw into your pile since you want to ensure the ratio of green and brown is ideal.

  1. Pest Repellent

If you want to protect your plants from destructive garden pests, you should sprinkle used coffee grounds on them. The result is slugs, snails and ants will be kept away. Some people love mixing old grounds with dried orange peels to keep away mammals such as cats. However, for Felix, it can be tough, which means you should try rosemary oil.

  1. Fertilize Your Garden

You may love growing acid-loving plants such as camellias, roses, hydrangeas, rhododendrons and azaleas. That means you should use coffee grounds as your perfect fertilizer. The best way to go about it is to mix old coffee grounds with brown leaves, grass clippings or dry straw to reduce some of the acidity.

You should then spread them around your plants. You will benefit a lot since used coffee grounds will add potassium and nitrogen to the soil around your plants. They will also boost the magnesium in the soil, which means your plants will stay healthy.

However, you should realize that the resulting fertilizer will lack calcium and phosphorus, which means it’s not ideal if you want to see fruiting or blooms. For the best outcome, add some wood ash or lime to the mix for the best fertilizer.


The above informative post should make it easier for you to use old coffee grounds. Remember that a cup of coffee refreshes you in the morning and boosts you during workouts. That means you should make sure you read online reviews to find out the best coffee grounds, which will ensure you enjoy the best flavors.